ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR ART?   If so, then we want to hear from you!  We want to know what gets your creative juices flowing, and we invite you to share your creations with an appreciative audience.


JOIN US at Gallery 413 for a new and exciting exhibit opening July 1st.  The featured artist for this exhibit is Colin Goodall, an artist from New Jersey who is inspired by math, science, and geometric abstracts.  He translates his passion into awesome interactive displays which invite visitors to become involved with his art in a way that speaks to them. 


For this exhibit, we are asking contributing artists to let their creative inspiration take center stage in their entries, and all forms of art are welcome.   You are invited to submit up to three entries that have their origin in what inspires you to create.  For example, if modern architecture inspires you to create, your entries could depict examples of modern architecture, or they could be works of yours that were inspired by modern architecture.  We are also asking you to write a couple of sentences explaining why or in what way your subject inspires you.  For example, you might say “I am inspired by modern architecture because that is a unique art form which is both functional and a testament to the architect’s artistic talent.”  Finally, please submit your headshot and a short biography (5-6 sentences) which will be published on our website and included with our display of your entries.


Please view exhibit details, entry instructions, and the application at  Questions may be referred to Trish Kotzen at or 410-610-8467.


This promises to be an exciting exhibit and one that is sure to attract visitors from all over the east coast.   Don’t wait to submit your application! Exhibit details and the application are below!