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The Crisfield Arts Syndicate 


The Crisfield Arts Syndicate (CAS) is sponsoring a trip to Romania to support Ukrainian refugee children and orphans.  A CAS member will be accompanying a child psychologist who has been training mental health professionals, Counselors and social workers in Romania on helping children who have suffered traumas.  The children are refugees from the war in Ukraine, both orphans and children who have been displaced, some with their mothers or grandmothers.  Our role will be to photograph and document the work being done, and to deliver gifts for the children. 

We will be taking art supplies, sports equipment, and photography supplies.  If you can help or have contacts who can donate some items or provide financial support for transporting items, we will be most grateful.  Items should be new and include such things as soccer balls and volleyballs and a pump to inflate them, playing cards,  dominoes, art supplies (construction paper, sketch pads, crayons, collored pencils, washable markers, coloring books, etc.), photo paper, memory cards and similar portable items.

  If you can help or want more information, please contact Trish Kotzen directly at or 410-610-8467.  Thank you for your consideration. (The Crisfield Arts Syndicate is an IRS 501c(3) nonprofit organization.  Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by applicable tax laws.)  

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