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THE CRISFIELD ARTS SYNDICATE is a nonprofit organization formed in 2018 to support art and artists in Crisfield, Maryland. It is our goal to provide opportunities for cultural enrichment and enjoyment of the arts through educational programs, art exhibits, live performances, and special events to promote the arts. We have formed alliances with other art organizations and educational institutions in the area. An additional goal is to support economic development and community revitalization in Crisfield.


GALLERY 413 opened in November of 2021 and is wholly owned and operated by the Crisfield Arts Syndicate. The gallery, located at 413 W. Main Street in Crisfield, features the work of local artists in addition to that of artists from around the state. All forms of art are welcome: painting, sketching, photography, woodworking, sculptures, jewelry, glassworks, metal work, and more.

Your Donations help us continue to create programs that make our community


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