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CHICKEN FOR the GRILL!  Summer is almost over

Enjoy big savings while making a contribution to your community!

A portion of your purchase from us will help fund community programs.  
Even better, you can add a box for families in need, and we will deliver it!

PICKUP DAY IS SEPTEMBER 19th 10am - 12noon

Our apologies for moving up the pickup date. We hadn't met our quota yet,

so we chose to extend the sale instead of cancel. Thanks for hanging in with us! 



Can I pick up my order at a later time or date?

No. Orders can only be picked up August 29th 10am - 12 noon. If you miss your pickup day your order will be donated.
All sales are final. No Refunds. 


Can I purchase more than 1 case?

Yes – you can purchase as many cases as you want.  It’s a great opportunity to grab product for friends, family, neighbors, etc.…


Can I pay cash?  I do not want to use a credit card.

No – this is a pre-sale event, credit cards, debit cards  or PayPal  only.   

Is the product packed by the individual piece?

No – the boneless breast cases have (4) – 10 lb. bags. Product inside the bag is not individually packaged. Frozen product means the pieces will be frozen together until thawed.  The Leg ¼’s are 25-27 individual pieces inside a double lined case. This product is fresh and can be taken home and packaged individually if that is what you wish to do. 


Can I thaw out frozen product and re-freeze?

Yes – chicken that is thawed slowly via lukewarm water can be re-packaged and frozen without spoilage issues.  Note – please re-freeze quickly to preserve shelf life. 


What if I lost my receipt?

If you lose the receipt prior to arriving for pick-up, please have all your information handy name, email, phone number that was used to place your order. If you cannot provide this information or it does not match our records, we cannot provide you with product. 


What if I am picking up someone else’s order or multiple orders?

You will need receipts for all orders you are picking up in your vehicle. These receipts will all need to be checked at the same time in order to fill all orders properly. 


How do I pick up my product?

Arrive at 419 West Main Street, Crisfield, MD 21817 between 10am and 12 noon.. You will remain in your vehicle throughout the process. Present your paper receipt or show us your receipt on an electronic device. Once confirmed we will load your trunk or back seat with the product, and you will be on your way. Please ensure you have space in your vehicle to accommodate the order. 


How large are the cases of product?

19 inches long – 13 inches wide – 6.75 inches tall…. all weighing 40 lbs. 

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